Why is the healthcare system broken in almost every part of the world?

What can we learn from The Healthcare Gamechangers?

Why pumping in more money or resources into the system doesn't seem to solve the problem? Are we looking for the solutions in the wrong place? Is there a new way to address the challenges?

In my book, The Healthcare Gamechangers, I argued that, to re-imagine healthcare, we have to start by 'thinking outside the hospitals'. Through an in-depth study of healthcare entrepreneurs from around the world, I gleaned some key principles for the future of healthcare. In this book you will discover some of the answers we are all looking for

- What does the world of healthcare look like when we think outside the hospitals?
- Who are the innovators around the world who are reimagining healthcare and how are they doing it?
- What can we learn from each of the innovators and how is it relevant to our own life and health?

It is my great pleasure to see that the book resonated with many readers and continues to be a bestseller after one year in the healthcare delivery section on Amazon.

If you haven’t yet gotten a copy, do head over to amazon and get a copy now!

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a healthcare consumer, you are becoming increasingly a decision maker of how to get better care. If you are curious about what options you have to help your patients and your own family, this book is for you!

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Take care!

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