The four genuine reactions to news of celebrity suicide and how to act on them

How to channel your emotions to make a difference

The last 24 hours in India, we are all consumed by the untimely death of a talented young actor. Many reactions, many emotions and many questions are being asked

We are all going through the emotions of

1. Shock

How is someone so accomplished, so popular, and who has everything in life take this extreme step. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in India and around the world. And unfortunately is common across age groups and socioeconomic status.

To learn more, read @netshrink thread on myths around suicide and prevention

2. Despair

Everything seems pointless. What is the use of all this if after all this life just disappears in seconds. It is natural to feel sad, and down on hearing this news.

If you are scared, apprehensive, anxious, or sad, please do talk to a friend and a professional if needed.

You can also call #LetsTalk mental health helpline at 844 844 9428.

3. Anger

Angry about media, healthcare system, or the movie industry. It is easy to get frustrated and angry on why people didn’t take action. Or notice signs of distress.

Take a deep breath, and focus on your immediate circles. More than 300 people die of suicide every day. And please do keep in mind that only 50% of suicides in India have underlying mental health issues.

Think about what you can do in your circle of influence. Talk about it in your circles. Share this video in your circle and encourage people to talk to each other.

4. Resolve

Do you genuinely want to do something to help people who are going through similar issues, but don’t know where to start?

Become a gatekeeper in your community. Get trained on how to identify signs of suicide, how to talk to people who are at risk and how to support them

Read @nelsonvinod thread on how to support people if you think they have suicidal thoughts

And lastly, please be respectful of the person's privacy. Stop sharing details or pictures of the person or his family.

Take this time to reflect, to learn and educate.

Ashwin Naik
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