Peer support for entrepreneurs

The journey is long, make sure you have good co-passengers

The two most important investments an entrepreneur can make are

a) working with a coach and

b) actively seeking peer support.

Lets talk about peer support. What is it and why is it so important? And is this only for entrepreneurs?

According to a HBR article

CEO peer groups aren’t just for entrepreneurs. As the pace of change picks up, even the most experienced leaders are finding themselves facing problems that lie outside their expertise. They, too, are increasingly relying on their peers to help them stay abreast of market and technological shifts. Joining a peer group, it seems, can make life at the top a good deal less lonely.

I want to share my own story of working with super entrepreneurs as my peer support and invite you to join us this friday, as we go back and revisit those days.

Joining me are super entrepreneurs Saumil Majmudar, Phanindra Sama & Manish Sharma

Backstory - We all met during early days of our startup journey as we had a common investor at that point - Seedfund. One of the meetings, the investors decide to roast the portfolio companies by giving us ridiculous awards.

We decided to take revenge.

The next day we had a full on session where the founders of the investee companies took on the investor (and i think some of the LPs) in roasting them. The seedfund team was quite a sport and took it nicely, and then politely declined any follow on funding to the four of us.

Anyways, the four of us happened to be the Bangalore gang, so we started hanging out together, initially adult supervised by (ie bill paid by) Bharati Jacob. But then she shifted base to The Oberoi permanently, and we were out of depth there.

So we organised our selves as the "SPAM Advisory Board" an informal board, named after our initials, which met once a month or sometimes once a quarter. The informal space saw us through multiple ups (Phani) and downs (Soumil, Manish and Me), but it was our go to place to just talk about anything that was on our minds.

Want to know more?

Come join us this friday & lets talk about peer support for founders

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