Organisational Strategies for Building Emotional Resilience

Hear from India's leading companies on how they are setting up systems for resilience

Thanks again to those of you who joined us last week to discuss “Managing Employee Expectations while Working from Home”

For those of you who couldn’t make it, please find the highlights and link to the recording below.

This week, are moving from discussing what to do, to showcasing what organisations are doing. We are excited to have two of India’s leading organisations sharing their learnings, best practices and beyond covid plans for building emotional resilience.

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Highlights from previous episode -
Managing Employee Expectations while Working from Home.

We covered a whole range of topics, the key highlights of which are below. You will find link to the recording at the end.

2 major impacts of COVID on employees at the moment

•   Learning how to navigate technology and tools to be productive

•   Learning how to understand and work with others remotely.

What has changed for managers now — “initially people used to ask to work from home and now this is the new normal”

•   Emotional changes

•   The workload is unavoidable but manageable

•   Learning control: mental health

•   Learning connectivity: quality conversations

•   Learning coherence: being logical and having a positive outlook

What is good?

•   The freedom to choose our dress code

•   Meeting deadlines is now imperative

•   Choosing our snacks

•   Our physical health is in check

Employee manager relationship

•   Demonstrate your trust and acceptance

•   Be open to saying “thank you for helping me out”

•   We are not aware of each other’s finances and family so be empathetic

•   Take responsibility for things that might go wrong

•   Lead by example

•   Share resources

Mindful managers

•   Ask your employees “How are you holding up?”

•   Show unconditional positive regard

•   No judgement

•   Improve your listening skills

•   Stick to work boundaries: do not send emails which extends the work hours of the employees

•   Be transparent in all communications

SOLER —For better conversations

•   Face the person Squarely

•   Adapt an Open posture

•   Lean towards the person

•   Maintain Eye contact

•   Be Relaxed

Getting to know new recruits virtually and associated challenges

•   No face to face interaction

•   Difficult to build rapport

How to build this trust

•   Connect with everyone on regular calls

•   Spend time in conference with informal as well as formal conversations

•   15 minute standup meetings: to ensure that everyone is alert and attentive; the meeting starts and ends on time

•   Gain training from coaches and counselors

•   Implement what you learn

•   Managers should not only manage but coach too

•   Reassess yourself, what worked earlier may not work now

Psychometric assessments for hiring managers who already have traits such as empathy and collaboration?

•   Can be used as a starting point

•   Overall compilation of feelings can be checked for

•   Managers can get trained by the coaches

•   Feedback forms

•   24 VIA values and action test to know your top 5 signature strengths (useful assessment)

Letting go of people

•   Disclosure

•   Assertive with empathy

•   Financial and emotional safety net : human connect is extremely valuable, we cannot outsource it either

Meeting Recording:

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