Need your advice "Celebrating Corona Survivors"



Thank you for your encouraging response to my previous post on the Three key skills for leaders in lockdown. This week, I want your advice on a campaign that we are working on.

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Ok, on to what i need your advice on.

Every morning, we wake up and track the number of corona positive numbers. How many more infected? How many more deaths?

Covid-19 has created a great deal of stigma because of the fear of contracting it. In many cities, healthcare workers, who are treating Covid-19 patients during the day, have been forcefully evicted out of their homes out of fear that they may be bringing the virus back at night. People who tested positive are being shunned in apartment complexes by their resident associations.

But the fact is 30k+ people have recovered in India. And many more will recover. Same goes for people around the world.

It is encouraging to see how some early covid survivors turned to social media to share their experience, in order to build confidence among others. Maybe there is an opportunity to celebrate the people who have now recovered, as Corona Champions - equipping them with tools and training to serve as buddies for people who are now feared positive or are suspected.

These champions, having experienced the stress firsthand, having recovered, are the right people to lead this change. Do you know of survivors who can share their story, and inspire others to stay positive.

How can we start this campaign?

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