Mental Health Support During Lockdown

An alliance of mental health professional to support frontline workers and their families

Are you as concerned as us about the mental health of your families during the pandemic? Particularly the elderly and the vulnerable?

We all are.

The next four weeks are going to be extremely critical for each one of us.

The impact of the lock-down compounded by the mortality inflicted by COVID19 is unleashing unprecedented level of stress and anxiety, for all of us and our families.

This is particularly tough period for people on the front lines - doctors, nurses, paramedics, essential service providers, delivery agents and many many more who are risking their lives to keep us all safe and healthy.

This period has also been tough for people who have been suddenly pulled out of the formal economy and are now worried about their livelihoods.

To address these issues, more than 100 mental health professionals from across India have come together to offer free counseling services on phone to anyone who is stressed or anxious.

We would like to get your support in reaching out to the right partners that we should talk to as we build this alliance, also help in spreading the word and finding more volunteers who can join us (we are onboarding both Psychologists and Frontline Volunteers, whom we are training)

We are reaching out to all our networks as the time is short and the demand is tremendous. Thanks again for your help.

I have attached a short presentation that you can circulate within your networks.

The service will go live on April 2nd, a flyer is below, which can be posted in your social media networks.