Mental Health at the Frontline

A conversation around emotional wellbeing amongst health workers at the frontline

What do doctors say about the mental health of frontline health workers?

Doctors in Kolkata discussed mental health issues of frontline health workers on Twitter’s live audio chat. Key points of discussion:

  • In the second wave, the number of deaths in ICU has gone up by six to eight times, which was thrice in the first wave

  • According to a meta-analysis of current data, 25% of health workers suffer from depression and 70-80% from distress

  • 50-70% of frontline health workers are likely to suffer mental illness at later stages

  • Health workers discuss taking a sabbatical after the pandemic is over

  •  Health workers are resistant to seek professional help unless the problem becomes too serious

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Covid-19: Who will diagnose the doctors?

The severity of the Covid19 is rising, though many doctors are silent some are expressing their issues on social media. Long hours of work, fear, anxiety, the burden of rising deaths, missing out on family time, and so many other stories.   

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Don’t ignore our young healthcare workers

With the worsening situation and shortage of medical staff, even medical interns and postgraduates are suffering from the excess workload. They are just entering the field and are already experiencing far worse situations. Apart from caring for patients and themselves, they have to even defend themselves from instances of violence and abuse by patients’ attendees.

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