Managing Expectations of Employees while Working from Home

How to be supportive to needs of your teams

Thanks everyone for joining us last week on the conversation around “Resilient Leadership in the time of Crisis” with Anna Chandy and VJ Rao.

It was a engaging and informative conversation, highlights of which i have captured below. The link to the recording is below if you would like to listen to the full conversation.

Anna Chandy started with asking us to think about the definition of leadership and challenging us to think of collective leadership rather than solo leader at the top of the organisation.

She also outlined the ABC framework - Account for changing reality, Become aware of body sensations to guide you, and Communicate as much as you can during this time.

She pushed us to think about the role of empathy in everything you do as a leader.

VJ Rao encouraged us to evaluate our thoughts by tagging them as enhancing or interfering thoughts and focus on the priorities that are within your control.

He also emphasized the role of allowing people to step up within the organisation by humanizing the situation. Share what the organisation stands for, how we have overcome challenges in the past, and how we will stand together till this challenge also passes.

He shared from his experience, coaching 100s of leaders, that at the end of the day this is an inner game. And only way to guide us through this crisis is to fall back on our belief systems.

Both Anna and VJ also stressed on the need for self care for leaders, both on physical and mental wellbeing side. Exercise, having a buddy to share, getting professional help as coach or counselor are all important tools to focus on self care.

Lastly Anna also encouraged us to think about helping and supporting others as selfcare as well. Working with other leaders who might benefit from your insights is a way to care for your self and help others in the process. VJ added to Anna’s insight and emphasized the value of faith and community contribution as key anchors for leaders.

We hope these are useful tips and insights from our conversation last week. We would love for you to join us again this week on friday, when we talk about
“Managing Employee Expectations while Working from Home” Fri July 24th 1:00 pm

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Full recording - Resilient Leadership in the Time of Crisis

See you all on friday!

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