Launching Manah Wellness, A men's health platform

For the Im-perfect Man who is getting better.

Excited to announce the launch of Manah Wellness, a mental health and sexual wellbeing platform for Men.

Why Men?

We believe that men have unique needs and pressures, particularly as they grow older and have limited peer support. Also we all know men have trouble or are reluctant to share their emotions due to social conditioning.

But it doesn't have to.

We believe that a trusted and confidential platform which provides support at your convenience is what is needed.

Why Mental Health?

There is no health without mental health. We all think that mental health support is what someone else needs. Never do we think that mental health is not just illness or treatment, but also an ability to be better person by working with a professional, who can support you, at every step.

So we decided to build a platform for people like us.

Our inspiration is the Im-perfect Man who wants to be better.

Introducing Manah Wellness, for the Im-perfect Man,

Would love to get your suggestions/inputs as we build this platform.
Please reach out to me on ashwin [at]