If you care about mental health, listen to these young mental health advocates!

In conversation with Raashi Thakran and Apoorvi Bharat Ram

What happens when a teen mental health advocate and a young mental health changemaker meet?

20 mins of inspiration that you must not miss!

This is what happened when Apoorvi Bharat Ram who advocates better mental health for youngsters on campus met with Raashi Thakran, the force behind India’s first national mental health helpline, who came together on the occasion of world mental health day - #MoveForMentalHealth

If you missed it, please find the link to the video at the end of this post.

But before that, an important message!
How can you help employees manage their mental health better and feel more confident and optimistic about their jobs and workplace?

Based on feedback we received from many of you, we have created a toolkit for HR leaders to use while devising mental health support for their teams. We are also launching an email course to accompany that, which will help you and your HR teams to become the catalyst for change at workplace.


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Watch the young changemakers panel here on manahwellness.com YouTube channel

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