Employee Resilience Practices by Startups

How are startups coping with the new normal

Thanks again to those of you who joined us last week to discuss "Self-Care Practices for Organisational Leaders”

For those of you who couldn't make it, please find the link to the recording below.

This week, Manah Wellness invites you to join us as we explore strategies being adopted by startups to help employees cope with the new normal. We are excited to have our panelists sharing their learnings, best practices and beyond covid plans for building emotional resilience.

The speakers are:

1.       Mr. Gaurav Soni, Founder – The Lean Apps

2.       Dr. Nisar Wani, Head of Department of Psychology, Department of Higher Education, Jammu and Kashmir

Please do join us on Friday at 2pm IST - Register here

Recording from previous episode -
Self-Care practices by Organisational Leaders

We covered a whole range of topics, please find link to the recording https://zoom.us/rec/share/wuNtApLuriRLeafd0G3yGYgnMrX_T6a80CEZ8vpbzE5PLx7IhZ3T2bBCL4bQMkIZ