De-Stigmatizing Mental Health

What role can startups play?

One of the reasons we don’t seek out help and support when needed is the societal stigma around mental health. Startups across the world are leading the way in breaking this barrier and destigmatizing mental health.

This week, Manah Wellness is excited to learn from one of India’s leading startups - Grofers on how they have helped their teams and leaders deal with mental health.

Our guests for this week are

1. Mr. Ankush Arora, Head of Human Resources - Grofers

2. Ms. Rima Shah, Clinical Psychologist – Surya Mother and Child Care

Hospital and Umarji Clinic - Pune

Please do join us on Friday at 2pm IST - Register here

Thanks again to those of you who joined us last week to discuss “Employee

Resilience Practices by Startups”

For those of you who couldn’t make it, please find the link to the

recording below.

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